Why Stillcanna CBD?


While companies rush to cash in on the emerging megatrend that is CBD, Stillcanna’s establishment as one of the largest processors of market-ready CBD in Europe has been decades in the making.

With over 20 years of hemp cultivation experience, our expertise begins at the start of the supply chain with our proprietary and registered hemp strain, one of only three in Europe. Using specialized agricultural techniques our patented harvesters ensure the careful cultivation of the raw hemp flower, producing consistent high-yield supply that is the basis of all of our CBD products.

Using an ethanol-based extraction process, our extraction and formulation experts have processed over 1,000 batches of CBD. Our proprietary extraction techniques allow for specific molecular refinement, producing CBD isolate and distillate of the highest quality and always verified by independent third-party lab testing.

Premium Inputs

We cultivate and source our biomass exclusively from Hemp Sativa L that is organically grown using Good Agricultural Practices. Using hemp of the highest quality ensures that we produce oils of the same high-quality.

Quality Yields

Purpose-built harvesting technology results in minimal disruption to cannabinoid crystals during harvest, allowing for consistent CBD content and a continually high-yield of hemp biomass for extraction

Rich Extraction

Proprietary food-grade ethanol based extraction methods help to ensure high CBD-content in both isolate and distillate products.

A Global Supplier

Scalable techniques and methods throughout the shelf-to-CBD cycle help to ensure adequate supply as demand increases while keeping costs low.

Why Buy European?

GMP CBD Extraction Europe

With an emerging CBD marketplace gaining traction around the world, it is becoming essential to verify the source of your product to ensure safety, compliance and quality control measures are being met at each stage of the seed-to-shelf process. The passage of the US Farm Bill in 2018 introduced a multitude of suppliers each claiming to have the best product available, but such claims can only be verified by recognized certifications and compliance measures that are becoming the accepted industry standard. For EU-based customers looking for a wholesale CBD supplier, it’s important to consider the following factors:

Does the supplier follow GMP standards?

If not, the quality of the product may be compromised due to variances in manufacturing processes at each stage from planting to extraction.

Is the CBD product formulated from hemp with a THC level at or below 0.2%?

As per European law, all CBD must be derived from approved hemp cultivars. Importing CBD into the EU with a higher THC content than 0.2% is illegal.

Does THE supplier comply with the proper customs procedures?

Each EU-member country has different rules regarding the import of non-EU goods and the movement of these goods once they arrive in the EU. This can be a confusing navigation, especially in an emerging marketplace where rules and regulations are still being determined.

What are the taxes associated with importing wholesale CBD from outside the EU?

These vary from country to country and although the VAT (Value Added Tax) is claimable, it does require pre-payment and can be an unforeseen disruption of cash flow.

Our Guarantee

At Stillcanna, we proudly manufacture under GMP standard conditions with EU-compliant hemp cultivars that fall within the designated THC restrictions. We also work with a network of brokers and agents who are well-versed in the logistics of delivering CBD safely throughout the EU in accordance with customs procedures. Our products are all invoiced with the Polish-VAT included so there are no surprises when it comes to payment.

Quality You Can Trust

Fully Traceable CBD
Lab Tested CBD
Pesticide-Free CBD

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