30 Day Update: Stillcanna Surges Ahead Towards Full-Scale Production

Stillcanna Moves Towards Commercial Operations with Arrival of New Harvester and Nears Completion of Polish Nexus Extraction Facility.

The past month has been an especially exciting time for the Stillcanna team as several milestones were achieved on the path to producing CBD in Q4 of 2019. The Origin Extraction Facility in Romania, a joint venture with U.K. - based Dragonfly Sciences, is in the final stages of licensing and is expected to be ready for full production within the fourth quarter of 2019. Stillcanna’s Polish facility accepted the first of several custom-designed harvesters, setting the stage for achieving the agricultural initiatives established for 2019. Finally, Stillcanna’s Nexus Extraction Building in Poland entered the final stages of completion, with the proprietary engineered extraction system expected to be installed in August and ready for extraction of the 2019 harvest shortly thereafter.

Operational Advancements
  • Nexus Facility

    Nexus Extraction Building in Poland enters the final stages of completion.

  • Harvesting Commences

    Stillcanna Begins Harvest Utilizing its Patented Harvesting Technology.

  • Custom Harvester

    Poland accepts delivery of first customized harvester.

  • Origin Facility

    Our Romanian JV Extraction Facility enters final stages of licensing process, prepares for Q4 commercial operations.

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