Fabrice Taylor says Stillcanna is his latest pick

The Stillcanna report sits down with Fabrice Taylor to talk about past investment successes and why he’s now picking Stillcanna to be a solid performer moving forward.

When asked why he likes Stillcanna so much Fabrice replied “The fact is, CBD is a new industry with lots of inexperienced and underfunded start-ups. But Stillcanna has two significant advantages, they scored a big win recently when they raised $24.4 million from a large investment bank. They’ve also amalgamated several manufacturing steps with custom equipment. That practical engineering allows them to turn a complex, multiple step extraction process into a far more streamlined process. The high-tech engineering breakthrough saves time and increases production by up to 400%. The simple economics of this superior efficiency are impressive.”

At A Glance: Fabrice Taylor on StillCanna (CSE: STIL, OTC:SCNNF)

What’s your background?

I'm an investor, a financial journalist, analyst and newsletter writer in Canada covering primarily the junior markets. I wrote a column in the Global and Mail newspaper, and I often appear on BNN.

What’s your specialty?

I specialize in high growth, high risk, high opportunity investments. I've made a few select picks that have done very well, and my investors have done well as a result.

Tell me about your latest pick, Stillcanna.

It's probably my biggest single holding right now. I wanted to invest in CBD, and I wanted it in Europe where it’s well-known and already on the shelves. My due diligence led me to StillCanna. The assets they've acquired in Europe are really quite impressive. They bought business from a family in Poland who have been doing this for decades—and they’re still with the company.

What else?

On a relative valuation basis, if you look at Charlotte's Web, with a $2 Billion valuation, StillCanna has a $300 million evaluation yet they have more capacity than Charlotte's Web. StillCanna’s processing facility in Romania, for example, has the capacity to do more extraction in a single day than a Charlotte's Web produced all of last year.

What about their financing?

They raised $24 million from Canaccord, the number one investment bank for this industry. They've got the money, they've got the management, and they've got the plan. And I believe the reward you could get here will be well worth the risk.

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