Stillcanna J.V. Extraction Facility in Romania Awaits Final Approvals

The Company Releases the First of a Videos Series Highlighting the Facility

Vancouver, British Columbia – (PR Newswire) – Monday July 22, 2019) – Stillcanna Inc. (CSE:STIL, OTC:SCNNF, FRANKFURT:A2PEWA) (“STIL” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has reached the final stages of the licensing process for its ORIGIN extraction facility in Romania. The project is a Joint Venture with its U.K. based partner Dragonfly Biosciences

“The stage is set for full commercial operations of the Company’s Romanian facility,” stated Jason Dussault CEO of Stillcanna. “Both Stillcanna and our partner Dragonfly are focused on the final approvals required to begin full commercial operations, we anticipate licensing completion and full production within the 4th quarter of 2019.

“Our closed loop ethanol extraction system is designed to run continuously from hemp wash, winterization, filtration, distillation and back again,” explained Shae de Jaray, COO and Chief Engineer of Stillcanna. “The designed system is ready for large scale extraction as soon as we receive our license, I couldn’t be happier with our system.”

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. To showcase the Romanian facility ORIGIN the Company has produced a series of short videos. The first video of the series “The Origin Project” is available at Further videos in the series will be published over the next few weeks.

Previously on July 16, 2019 the Company stated that it expected to harvest 350 kilos of dried flower per hectare from its 1500 hectares, for a total yield of 525,000 kilos of flower. The Company estimated the CBD yield to be approximately 36,000 kilos at 7% CBD content by volume, but had printed 5% content in its release. The Company’s proprietary hemp varietal has consistently achieved 7% CBD content by volume.

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Fabrice Taylor discusses StillCanna

Fabrice Taylor, publisher of The President’s Club Investment Letter, discusses StillCanna.

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Stillcanna’s Polish Operations in Final Stages of Crop Rotation

Company’s Agricultural Team Predicts up to 525,000 Kilos of Flower

Vancouver, British Columbia – (PR Newswire) – Tuesday July 16, 2019) – Stillcanna Inc. (CSE:STIL, OTC:SCNNF, FRANKFURT:A2PEWA)(“STIL” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that its Polish agricultural team is in the final stages of crop rotation

In managing 1500 hectares of hemp, the planting, maintenance and harvesting are carefully planned to maximize the Company’s agricultural equipment. The Company plants and harvests in stages, with planting happening over a 60-day period and harvesting happening over a 60-day period. The Olimax team in Poland is actively working on the last of its planting cycle while preparing for the beginning of its harvest cycle in the next few weeks.

The Company’s proprietary hemp varietal has a 50-day growth cycle to harvest, this fast growing varietal allows for easy crop rotation and management, with the possibility of two crops per year.

As previously stated on June 14, 2019 the Company is expecting 350 kilos of dried flower per hectare from its 1500 hectares, for a total yield of 525,000 kilos of flower. Should the flower contain hold 5% CBD by volume then the Company has the potential to yield over 36,000 kilos of CBD. The Company anticipates bulk pricing of CBD isolate in large volumes will average C$5,000 per kilo.

The Company’s Nexus extraction facility in Poland is on time and on budget, the Company expects the facility to be in production Q4 to begin fulfilling its sales commitments.

“Our team continues to be focused on the tasks at hand,” stated Jason Dussault CEO of Stillcanna. “The culmination of our teams efforts should be apparent in the 4thquarter and we achieve our harvesting, extraction and sales milestones.”

About Stillcanna Inc.

Stillcanna Inc. (CSE: STIL) is a Canadian early-stage life sciences company focused on large scale CBD extraction in Europe.  The company feels its proprietary intellectual property allows it to extract CBD at a lower cost. The company has signed an initial extraction contract in Europe to be the exclusive extractor for Dragonfly BioSciences LLC, a United Kingdom-based supplier of CBD. Upon the completion of its Polish extraction facilities, Stillcanna will be one of the largest processors and providers of market ready CBD in Europe.

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